The Swan of Avon Lodge, No. 2133 - Stratford-upon-Avon

Charity and Freemasonry

As mentioned in the About Masonry section of this site, it is misconception widely held that Masons only help themselves. 

It is of course true that they give generously to charities within Masonry that assist Masons and their wives, widows and children in time of need but equally they support non-Masonic charities serving England and Wales and emergency relief world wide.

Since 1981 the Freemasons’ Grand Charity has helped hundreds of charities with grants totalling over £50 million. 

In 2011 alone Grand Charity donated over £2.5 million to hundreds of charities in the following areas of research and support:


  • Medical Research                                            £194,000
  • Supporting Vulnerable People                           £992,000
  • Youth Opportunities                                        £352,000
  • Other Grants
  • 22 Air Ambulance Services                              £192,000
  • 229 Hospices                                                  £600,000
  • Minor Grants & Matched Funding                     £142,518
  • Disaster Relief.                                              £185,000

                                            Total                       £2,657,000

Completely separately, over the past five years the Swan of Avon Lodge has made individual donations to various but, usually, local charities as follows:

  • Warwickshire Air Ambulance                            £836.00
  • The Shakespeare Hospice                                £800.00
  • Warwickshire Fire Service                               £300.00
  • McMilllan Cancer Support                                 £350.00
  • British Lung Foundation                                   £250.00
  • Help for Heroes                                              £114.00
  • Alzheimers                                                     £250.00

                                                    Total                £2900.00

This is in addition to members' donations to the Masonic charities. For instance, over the past seven years they have contributed over £15,000 to the Provincial Festival supporting the Masonic Samaritan Fund as well as contributions to other Provincial charities.