The Swan of Avon Lodge, No. 2133 - Stratford-upon-Avon


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Sat, 6th June 2015

Lodge Niederrhein Installation 2015

David Stevens

Sat, 7th February 2015

Installation 2015/16 - Message from W.Bro. David Stevens


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The Master and his Wardens for the 2015-16 year


Dear Brethren and Guests,

 I am very privileged to have been elected by the Brethren to serve as Worshipful Master of the Lodge for the year 2014-2015 and once again for the year 2015-2016.

In 2010 I had the honour of being accepted as a Joining Member of this superb Lodge. I was Worshipful Master of Lodge Niederrhein, Dusseldorf (Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany) in 1990 and 2004. These three events along with my Initiation into the Craft, back in 1976 (Shamrock Lodge No 712 Irish Constitution Hong Kong) are among the highlights of my progress through Craft Freemasonry.

My sincere thanks go to all Brethren past and present including those who have gone ahead of us into the Eternal East I recognize your achievements and salute you all.

There are so many experienced Brethren who will be here there for advice when I need it and I look forward to working together with you all.

My charity this year will be split equally between the Warwickshire Benevolence Fund and towards supporting a local disabled girl who has been helped by Brother Dominic Skinner EA over the last few months.  Chloe is a bubbly, kind and loving nineteen year old girl. She adores her animals, arts and crafts, sewing and the great outdoors. Chloe is always finding opportunities to help others.

The time has now come where she desperately needs help herself.  Unfortunately Chloe’s health and mobility has declined very rapidly. On the 12th May, Chloe was admitted to hospital with abdominal pain and vomiting every time she tried to eat or drink. For a long time Chloe was ignored, her symptoms brushed off as a virus or bug. Chloe's family had a gut feeling this was not the case, which unfortunately turned out to be true. 

Chloe now has to be fed via a tube into her small bowel, as her stomach does not accept any food or fluids; something called Gastroparesis. Although Chloe is fed into her bowel this is a constant struggle as she finds it very uncomfortable and painful to have the volumes of fluid her body needs. Chloe's bowel has a significant loss of mobility also, which Chloe has to take medication for and use methods of intervention to keep her bowel moving. Chloe also suffers extreme pain from head to toe and exhaustion on a horrific level; this was always thought to be caused by the  illness Fibromyalgia and MyalgiEncephalomyelitis (M.E) alone. It has recently come to light that Chloe has something called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility type). This syndrome accounts for many of Chloe's different conditions and why she has had such a decline in health. This is also an answer to Chloe's hyper mobile joints and the dislocations she suffers. Chloe has also been diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Disorder, which has been stabilised with daily medication. Chloe still suffers from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Disorder. Chloe has recently started having non epileptic seizures and both medical professionals and Chloe's family believe POTS is the cause of these as they are triggered by a change of posture. 

Because of the pain Chloe suffers, the nerves in her legs have shut down and Chloe is no longer able to walk. There is only a slim chance that Chloe will make a full recovery from this as she has been left so long without physiotherapy and pain that is not under control. Chloe also suffers from Addison's disease, which means she will be on lifelong steroids.

 After being discharged from hospital Chloe is now forced to live in the small dining room of her parents’ home. She has no access to toilet and washing facilities and Warwickshire Council haven't helped in any way. They did offer her a padded commode, which is the limit of their support so far. Chloe is cared for by her mother, who also suffers from ME and recent suffered a stroke. 

 Dominic (he is an architect) has designed a self- contained living unit for Chloe in the garden of their home, taking the space of their existing garage. He has also designed a small extension to the rear of the home which will allow Chloe to come into the family house and not be isolated. He has secured planning permission and taken it upon himself to project manage the build. Unfortunately all this costs money to build..

Chloe's website for more info (, a copy of a presentation Dominic did for some local businesses and a copy of the proposed plans. If you get the chance to meet her, you'll realise what an intelligent, caring and humble young lady she is.

Sincerely and fraternally

David Stevens